Thursday, January 19, 2012


Training for the marathon has been difficult, lots of nights running in the cold, becoming really stiff and sore but knowing that I'm doing this for a great cause makes it worth it.
The hardest part of training right now is maintaining it, like any first timer in a new fitness program its easy to fall off the wagon (and outdoor temperatures in the -40's don't help). I went to visit my family for the Holidays and haven't been running outdoors since, but I've maintained my fitness level by doing weight training and cardio regimens indoors. Working-out indoors doesn't compare to the elements outside, its much easier for your body to handle, I've noticed a huge difference in areas such as breathing and muscle fatigue. My breathing is a lot more regulated indoors, without a ragged terrain, rough winds and cool temperatures running is really easy but I worry that it will affect my performance when it comes time to run the full marathon outside.
To keep myself used to the elements, I've been taking long brisk walks outdoors, its great cardio training and you can still practice your breathing and overall posture. My muscles aren't as stiff as they used to be after a run but they are still sore, most noticeably my calves. I wonder if this is because during my brisk walks I take short quick steps to avoid icy patches on the sidewalks in my neighborhood, to other walkers I'm sure it looks like I'm playing hopscotch. To relieve the strain I've been taking warm baths to relax the muscle and let it breathe as well as using BENGAY to speed up relief, I've also been wearing a shorter heel through the workday. I also find that frequent yoga and hot-yoga sessions relieve strain (and sometimes reveal strain in other areas).
I'm committed to this Marathon and I hope everyone who is reading this blog is interested in supporting the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society as well. Please scroll to the big orange DONATE NOW to support this cause.

Thanks in advance!! : )


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