Sunday, December 4, 2011

Endurance Training

This December I have built up my endurance from 30 min to 45 min of running and I'm well on my way to marathon endurance of approx. 4 hours. I have kept up with my training schedule and really noticed the difference. I used to hate running and now that I've learned "how to run" I actually enjoy it.

I started my training in November after a good friend of mine told me about Team in Training. This organization raisies funds for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada and creates awareness and attracts fundraising for research by having Team in Training participate in marathons.

The Madrid Marathon is April 22, 2012 (which also happens to be my birthday), and currently at the top of my bucket list. My reasons for participating and fundraising for this cause are personal. My family has been plagued with cancer in various forms and we're very aware that leading a healthy lifestyle is not enough to keep yourself out of harms way. I have lost two grandparents and my grandmother was recently diagnosed after battling and winning against cancer twice before. However the biggest shock to me was when my own father was diagnosed; luckily it was caught early and they were able to perform surgery to remove the polyps that had developed on his stomach. He has been "in the clear" for a year now, but not everyone is so lucky.

I encourage anyone who is looking to help fight cancer to get involved in any way they can to promote research and development. One example of a cancer breakthrough is the drug Gleevec. This drug targets abnormal proteins which are essential to cancer development and is now used in the treatment of 10 forms of cancer and Time Magazine has hailed Gleevec as "The Magic Bullet".

To donate to my Madrid Marathon Journey please follow the link below; you will also be able to print out a tax receipt for donations over $25.

To donate to another member of Team in Training or to learn more about the program please click on the link:

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  1. Good luck with your Madrid Marathon, I hope you get lots of donations.